Ratna's Story


My name is Ratna, I’m 36 years old. I have been living on the street for years. I have a family far away from Bali, but they don’t know what I’m doing at the moment and I prefer it that way. When I was still living with my family, we were poor. My dad works as a rubber notch in someone else's rubber plantation. We didn’t have enough money to live a decent life, so there was a guy came to me saying he had a job for me in Bali, without hesitation I said I’ll come with him. When I was in Bali, I am treated well by him. He got me new clothes and a place to stay. Only two days later I found out that he’s working in a prostitution, so he’s selling girls to be prostitutes. Of course, I was shocked and that wasn’t really a job that I was prepared to and wanted to do, so I escaped. I ran away and didn’t have a place to stay, the only money I had was a little bit of money from my parents and the money that he gave me. So I started living in the street without my parents knowing because I’m too ashamed if they know about it. So many people got into this temptation of having so much money by doing prostitution. Stop this! And I hope that there’s gonna be a better job for people like us even only as a low worker.

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John Miller