Harno's Story


My name is Harno, I am 45 years old. I’m from Temanggung, Center of Java. I ended up living in the street after I got in an accident from work. I had a limp and can’t walk properly. I was a construction labourer, and I got in the accident 6 years ago. I was living in my parent's house after the accident and it was a struggle for me to find a job. I don’t think I could do anything anymore. Day by day, I was at home doing nothing. I decided to beg on the street but I was too ashamed of what I’m gonna do so I moved to Bali where no one knows me. I could get around IDR 150,000 Rupiah a day from begging. Just because I’m limping doesn’t mean people will treat me with pity. I often get indecent treatment from visitors or market traders. Most of them think that my limping is just a trick so that people feel sorry for me. There was one time because I earn more than most of the people that were begging in that area they got mad. They lift me up and throw me into a duck cage with all the dirt in there. Of course, I couldn’t do anything more than just walk away from the area I usually earned money from. I understand the environment people are living in takes a role in how they behave. I’m pretty sure they’re treated badly by some people that makes them treat others badly as well and I don’t complain about it. I hope someday there is no homelessness anymore, people get something to do to earn money no matter how bad their conditions are as long as they’re willing able to work.

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John Miller