Anita's Story


My name is Anita and I am 32 years old. I have been homeless for 7 years. My husband died, and I had to live by myself. He was a bakso seller, he went around the area to sell bakso. I was a housewife so I didn’t really do anything that earns money when my husband still alive. After he died, I had to learn how to sell bakso and go around in order to survive, I used my husbands cart to sell the bakso but one day I woke up in the morning and the cart was gone, that was the only way for me to find a job and I had nothing. I didn’t have money for food so I sold ls the house for a really minimum amount of money just for me to survive, I was thinking I can sell the house, and stay at my friends place for a little bit while working for a decent work then from the money I can rent a place. It didn’t work out well. I was living with my friends for 4 months and I still had no work, I started running out of money and end up living under my friends support. Then one day, she told me that I had to leave because she was having a fight a lot with her husband because of me, she gave me some money and I left. That’s how I end up living in the street.

My biggest challenge is to find a place to stay when sometimes it’s raining, or it’s getting cold during the night and also not being able to make sure that there is going to be food to eat the next morning. I wish people were kind enough to give us some money, because sometimes people don’t really care about small money like Rp.1000 or Rp.2000 and they dropped it they don’t pick it up because for them it’s just a small change, while for us it’s really a big amount. Some people also like to waste food, I saw a person the other day in a warung, he ordered a lot of food and I’m pretty sure he paid a lot for that, and he didn’t even eat half of it so the food goes to waste.

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andrew mcfarlane